North Wildwood

Fun is one commodity that’s rarely in short supply in North Wildwood, one of the Jersey
Shores trio of communities known collectively as The Wildwoods. With a year­-round
population of just over 4,000, the community sees its population swell each years as
thousands of vacationers come to enjoy its silky smooth beaches and many amusements.
The city prides itself on maintaining those beaches, regarded by many as the best in the
state, and there are plenty of lifeguards to make sure everyone’s vacation is safe. North
Wildwood and its sister communities are also home to amusement parks, waterparks, top
entertainment venues, super shopping and much more. A popular place to vacation also
makes the community popular among investors looking for vacation rentals as well as
retirees. With quality schools and exceptional city services, it’s also a great place for
anyone looking for a primary residence to raise a family. In addition to the amusements
already mentioned, top attractions include EcoVentures, which offers hands on learning
experiences to engage children in exploring the natural world, school programs, summer
camps and more. Another popular spot along the boardwalk in North Wildwood is the
Gateway 26 Casino. While it doesn’t offer gambling for money like the casinos in Atlantic
City, the casino does offer the same thrill with casino games where winners receive
tokens to exchange for a variety of merchandise. Other very popular activities include
boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, parasailing and other water-­oriented activities.
The median home price in North Wildwood is in the mid $300s with about one-fourth of
homes priced from around $180K to $270K and another quarter priced between $270K
and $360K. The largest segment of homes, 40 percent, ranges from around $360,000 to
$675,000. There’s a good mix of single-­family detached homes and condominiums, with
about 20 percent of those homes built since 2000 and another 20 percent built between
1970 and 1999. More than 43 percent of homes were built in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. For
those who prefer even more excitement, Atlantic City is about a 45 minutes north and the
museums, galleries, shops, restaurants, historic sites and professional sports teams of
Philadelphia is just 90 minutes west.


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